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Industrial Plug and play systems

Harnex has manufactured plug and play systems for some of Australia’s biggest projects.

Some projects using Harnex systems have saved 75% of their costs while improving quality and functionality of the system. Plug and play devices are one of the many ways of maximising the compatibility between existing systems and new products. They can integrate with equipment from any vendor, eliminating any unforeseen issues with integration. Harnex have successfully utilised plug and play systems for various projects ranging in size and scope, both domestically and internationally.

Levels of certifications

Harnex believes quality management systems underpin the quality of its products and services to its customers and is currently certified by SAI Global in the following Standards:

Quality work

Harnex’s key focus is quality. A customer’s electrical system must be robust and suited to its environment. At Harnex, each unit is tested individually using the latest equipment including computer assisted testing, circuitry replication and other electrical and electronic testing devices. Each product is important in its function and the utmost quality and care is taken at each level.

Onsite Support & Commissioning

Harnex can provide all levels of support from design, manufacture, commissioning, service and support systems. The quality management team works directly with Harnex’s staff and customers to ensure the highest possible quality is achieved. Harnex go beyond standard batch testing by controlling and testing each unit.

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